Sunday, February 10, 2008

Waves and henna

It's early swimming and summer for me and friends at the 8 Waves WaterPark in Bulacan! Had a blast.. and the park almost all to ourselves last Feb 8-9! It's times like this that you've got the courage to don a 2-pc bathing suit without worrying if your companions had better toned abs! Well, for your information, pare-pareho kaming naka-tuck-out ang bilbil hehe! That's why it's fun.

Also had (at last! least..) a cat-henna tattooed on my lower back. Kaka-enganyong gawing permanent! Konting convincing pa. Almost had one, actually, way back 1990 as Merchandiser for Sylvia Santos, Inc. when, during a get-together with the other merchandisers and designers, was also a tattoo session... and everybody was having one-- a butterfly tattoo above the right ankle. Bakit di natuloy?---- oo nga ano, bakit nga ba??!?!

Anyway, will be going back to 8 Waves on the 23rd as a joint birthday celebration for -- mama (21st), brothers Ron (18th) and Earl (23rd), nephew Jaki (28th), and Me, hehe, next month on the 4th. Till then!

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