Saturday, January 19, 2008

Amazing Journey

Took the kids out today for their much-awaited Disney on Ice "Amazing Journey" at the Araneta Coliseum. They had a blast.. actually, ako rin and Yaya Wilma. Diego, for the first time was so enthralled that we can't even get his attention or talk to him during the show, unlike the time when we watched Barney where he was definitely bored to death. Andee most remembered the Little Mermaid part where she can't stop talking about how Arielle's sisters came out of the big, colorful shells, and also says that she almost cried watching Lilo and Stitch. Diego, on the otherhand says that it was 'maganda'. Period.

I remembered when we were little, we'd watch then Holiday on Ice also at the Araneta Coliseum. It's like we as a family would always have this annual christmas/holiday tradition of watching ice shows at the Big Dome. That time, wala pang Disney characters. From the usual world class iceskaters, it evolved to Flintstones on Ice, and then, Disney on Ice. The very first time we watched it I think I was in the 3rd or 4th grade. Front seats!!!! The thrill there was feeling the ice on your face when the performers pass, as well as the usual handshakes from them. I clearly remember the ticket price then-- P500.00 for front seats VIP!!!! (General patronage was P50.00 hehe). Only later did we realize that it's better to be seated farther and higher... Oh well!

This will be a start of a tradition that I intend to uphold. I was hoping to expose them more also to stage plays and the like. Andee is now making kulit because of the featured advertisement of the High School Musical Ice Tour that was showing before the show started. Excited nanaman siya. But not until we go back the second time on the 27th to again watch Disney on Ice, as she won 3 tickets to the show by joining in a question-and-answer contest sponsored by the Jr. Inquirer. Aside from the tickets, she was also given a Guyito plush toy (Inquirer's carabao mascot)-- collector's item ito! But I swear.... sinusumpa ko talaga ang Chino Roces Ave. na yan sa Makati where the Philippine Inquirer office was located. The traffic was more than horrible!!!!
But for the kids, it was worth the trouble.

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