Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Hello, 2008

Was a bit teary eyed at around 10:30pm during my first break when I called home to say Happy New Year in advance because my 'lunch' was at 1am. I won't be able to call at midnight. This is my second year in a row where I celebrated New Year at the office. For some reason, mas 'malungkot' ngayon, in a way because maybe a lot has changed in my life already. This year is the start of a new me.

2008 is a year I am looking forward to because I feel that I am officially at home and at ease with my job, therefore, I get to do a lot more (kahit papaano) activities with Andee and Diego, start saving, and more importantly, have time for myself. I feel happier inside. And friends and family says that it shows.

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