Saturday, December 29, 2007

Of Pics and Gifts

Hanep talaga ang nagagawa ng natural outdoor light(was does a redundant thing to say?) ! Can't hide the wrinkles noh?

Taken last Christmas at our garage. Diego at 5 and Andee at 9. Wished I took them to the photo studio instead-- I need to put that on my checklist!

Also had our picture taken with my brothers and Mama. Earl came home for the holidays from Dubai, and had to take this opportunity to have our picture taken together again--had fun doing that!

The Christmas tree that time was adorned with the usual, plus candy canes that Mama placed the night before. Gifts were bigger as most of them came in boxes this year!!! Diego's wish to receive an Optimus Prime robot was granted by his dad, in addition to a few more things. Ditto with Andee--- her usual 'anything-basta-Bratts' and/or 'Disney Princess' and/or 'High School' musical ek-ek was also received. Gifted her (again) with another set of books, this time, Grolier's 24-volume I Wonder Why. And since Diego has been bugging me the whole year for Transformers or Dinosaur toys, gave him a set of 4 Dinosaurs that transforms to a robot, and a remote-controlled car which he played with the whole afternoon.

This year, the kids got a lot of gifts to open. Signs of the times ba? I'm glad they enjoyed this Christmas. Their dad picked them up to take them over to their side's family reunion. Andee was begging me the week before to go with them. I had to honestly decline. I know I hurt her but I don't want to ruin anything either. Well, they did enjoyed, and that was it. They were 'returned' home at around 1:30am Dec. 26th, with enough moolah from their ninongs and ninangs to watch Disney's Amazing Journey on Ice this January! Ako naman ang mamomoblema to pay for my own ticket!! Cige na nga!

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