Sunday, July 30, 2006

Crisis Center

Around early this month, after work I passed by the Women's Crisis Center in East Ave. Was off from work at around 6am, and was still having second thoughts whether or not I should go. Appointments or consultations in regards to filing this case would either be posponed or cancelled. Maybe this would be a better option. So go I did. I was early and decided to have breakfast first. The center was at the 7th floor, or 'penthouse' of the EAST Ave. Medical Center. This is the only office at the 7th floor..and I'd say...the floor's CREEEEEPY!.. They have an auditorium there also... the door was open and there's this eerie feeling. Don't know if they still use this.. anyway..

I was made to fill out a form. It was one of the most gruelling things I did in as far as I can remember. There was a section for physical, and psychological details, where there are little boxes that you can place a checkmark in.... Like, punching, hitting, or slapping (among others) in the 'physical' section; and well, like unable to eat, fits of depression, etc.etc.etc. in the psychological section. Honestly, nakaka-trauma sumagot ng form. Naiiyak ako. While there was a handful of checkmarks under physical, most of the boxes under the psychological section had a checkmark in it. Never really knew how affected I was. Well, reality bites. If I really wanted to go on with my life, I had to get this done and over with. I could imagine how worse this can become in regards to digging up the past and recalling every detail.

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Jheck David said...

elo te yang! OT: you've been tagged! la lang. pang-alis worries. hehehe... see my blog post! *wink wink*

PS i meant what i said in my text. basta kung kailangan mo ko, dito lang ako...