Saturday, July 08, 2006


My brother Earl has finally left for his new job in the Middle East, after 2 unsuccessful attempts in a span of 3 weeks to go through immigrations at the NAIA. Apparently, the working e-visa his employer provided is not a valid pass. When he checked-in the first time, he was asked if he knew someone in Immigrations. Of course, my brother said 'no', thinking what the hell does that have to do with anything? Well, maybe it did. A week before Earl was able to finally go after his employer sent him his visa through mail, there was a feature on TV, I'm not sure if it was on ABS-CBN or GMA-7, where an overseas worker (former GRO) was complaining about the job that was offered to her also in the Middle East. During the interview, (my mom watched it), the GRO presented a similar e-visa that my brother also has the first and second time he was denied departure. The GRO apparently paid P6,000 or P7,000 to an Immigrations Officer to let her through. ..-- so THAT'S why my brother was asked if he knew someone from Immigrations!--- And according to her, this was already advised to her beforehand. Ano ba yan?!?!

Anyway, Earl emailed a few pictures yesterday to show off his room, his car, his flatscreen tv, his view from the window of his condo unit-- temporarily provided by his employer till Earl finds a place-- which left my mom crying! Hay naku... I'm starting to miss him na rin.

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