Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Birds and the Bees

"Mama! ganon ba ginawa ni Papa sayo? Pinasok ang penis niya sa vagina mo?!?"

OMG!! Tumbling ako! That definitely took me off guard! 10 year old Andee came home last week from school and bombarded me with questions about this. It was that time in school where their lesson now evolved from menstruation to reproduction.

(I remember a similar scene in a movie, not too sure of the title ..was it "Maybe, Definitely" or something? The dad picked up his daughter at school and was met by a scene of children in various state of disbelief, coolness or upsetness because of this lesson at school).

"Is it really like that, Mama? Yuucchhhh!!! Ganon ba ginawa sa yo?" Andee looked almost teary-eyed. It's as if she sees the female as being violated somewhat, and the male, dominant. "Pero kung di nangyari yun, di ba wala kami ni Diego?" That's true. "Pero, Mama, YUCHHH!!! ayoko niyan!"

"Baby, you only do that kung mahal niyo ang isa't-isa -----".

GULP!-- It took a lot for me to say that...

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Lynx said...

wahahaha tumbling ako sis ^_^ feeling ko hihimatayin ako pag ako ang tinnanong nun (knocks on hard wood)