Friday, July 31, 2009

Frustrated and Glad

Why is it easier to train 20 sales staff about retail operations and product knowledge then to train my 7 year-old possessive nouns and vowel diphthongs?!?!?!!?

Not only that... their spelling list includes: AUTHORITY, DAUGHTER, and POISONOUS, among others. I don't remember 1st Grade spelling to be this 'advanced' already. Well...then again, I'm thinking of decades-ago-1st-grade-spelling. Anyway....back to..

Diego has already (good riddance!) somehow developed his study habit at home. Thanks to his Lola. (read: "Si mama hindi marunong eh!" Hehe oh well! ) Diego would dutifully show me his assignment for the day and seatworks done at school. Because of my new schedule at work, I arrive home at around 3pm and find him at the terrace-- books and notebooks out, with his Ate Ana (his Yaya's niece) and of course, his Lola. There will be short bathroom breaks or snack breaks in-between, then homework and study commence again after Diego shouts, "Lola, study na tayo!!!!". The San Benildo Integrated School may be giving them endless homeworks and projects that may spell 'nightmare' for most of us comparing 1st-grade school life more than 2 decades ago, but then again, it does 'force' you to develop your child's study habits.

"Mama! finish na homework! Pwede na ko magcomputer??!?!".


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