Thursday, August 13, 2009

Palawan: Back after 11 years

Finally. 2 days off and 4 VLs.

Last April, we (fortunately) chanced upon Cebu Pacific's promo for just 975.00 Php (you read that correctly!) for Pto. Princesa. Palalampasin mo ba yun?!?! It was actually a good thing because Mama is planning on visiting Lola on her birthday and also would be planning a grand reunion next year in August. It will be Lola's 90th birthday!

It has been 11 years already since I last visited. The city has changed so much since then. There are more tourists. Lots of good places to eat! There are now minicabs for transportation. Tricycles still rule but now they are color-coded, alternating from white on certain days, to blue. Looking forward to a relaxing vacation!

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