Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lola at 89.

..and still looking fabulous!

The party was held at the Fresh Cafe along J.P. Rizal Street in Puerto. It was a party for around 25 people, mostly close friends and relatives. The food was spectacular! Two of my favorites are the tinolang manok with coconut meat (reminds me of the pumpkin soup at Crescent Moon Cafe--they also use coconut with the recipe), there is a slight taste of coconut in the soup, yummy! There's spicy seafood curry, forgot how it's named, where the curry sauce can stand alone on its own--sans the squid, shrimp, fish meat, eggplant, and sitaw.

A light moment was during the blowing of the birthday candles. We laughed when Lola took he numbers 8 and 9 and inverted it to look 98. "Royal bloods have long life!" my Lola Au, her sister said afterwards. Lolas' cousins lived to be almost hundred, and that's no joke. A few years back they attended the 94th birthday of one of her cousins. And what a sight! Seating beside the celebrant are his siblings, also in their 90's! Now that's life worth it!


fortuitous faery said...

she doesn't look 89! wow, what's her secret? lots of veggies?

Reia said...

Hello! Sorry for the late response. What's surprising is--- she does not eat veggies! She likes meat. Sweets. and Jim's Coffee (the 5-in-1 one with the mushrooms and stuff). When she had her check-up, doctors say that her problem is irreversible-- OLD AGE! cool :-)

fortuitous faery said...

amazing diet! and they say we should eat more fruits and fiber! so it IS possible to live long and be a meat-lover!