Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Heart to heart

I found this interesting read about Mitral Valve Prolapse by Ronald Hoffman, M.D. The Holistic M.D.

For my case though, there isn't any stabbing or phantom chess pains, or whatever painful scenarios there may be. Nor adrenal instability, food sensitiveness, or panic attacks. (But that does mean I still have to stop my coffee?!?!?)

I may have to agree that at some point it may be stress-related. I've got mountains of it for the past years. It has haunted me up to the state of almost depression, and what made it worse, was that I don't have an outlet. No one to talk to about it, or not even having to treat myself for a long relaxing weekend, etc.etc. I am glad that recently I was able to have people to talk to. It also seemed that it was I who has been keeping myself from getting to know other people and reaching out in the first place. I'm happy too, though, that there are people who, by their sheer stubborness or kakulitan (that's supposed to be a compliment!), are the ones that tamed this MVP heart. You mean much more to me than what you think :-D


JG said...

Hi Reia. I'm JG. Wanted to visit your site as my entire blog is devoted to this craziness known as Mitral Valve Prolapse Syndrome. It is also called Dysautonomia. Reading about these things, plus all the calamity they cause in your body like hypoglycemia, weird migrane variants and a million different so ons and so forths, can be extremely overwhelming. I hope you find a doctor who doesn't dismiss you because the condition is considered benign. Good luck in all you do, and check out these links if you have a moment: And

Hope these help you out.

brax said...

hey...u ok na?....have u reported back 2 work?......can i call u at home?......bakasyon ka muna sa probinsya.......ingatz po....

Reia said...

JG, thanks for the links! They ARE indeed a GREAT help!!!
Brax, hehe, tara na! probinsiya-to-go!!! take care too :-)