Saturday, February 18, 2006

I Scream

I just had to take them out!

I was hoping to spend my day-off in a nice, peace and quite environment-- but I forgot that it was Diego's nanny's day-off too. I woke up with the kids screaming their heads off apparently because of some TV show they wanted to watch, doubled with a "Ayokong maligo!!!!" (I don't want to take a bath!!) ear-splitting scream from Diego. head began to ache again and I was getting that urge of joining them in this screaming marathon. I just had to take them out. I told asked Diego's nanny to get them ready. "Aalis kami!" (We're going out!)

I took them to Robinson's Metro East for lunch at Pizza Hut. There was also an ongoing exhibit for plasma tvs, videocams, and digicams, where the kids stopped to watch The Incredible Hulk (Eric Bana) in one of the oh-lala! Panasonic Plasma TVs there. Little did we know that the guy in the booth focused their videocam at the kids and took a picture of them and was shown in one of the featured TVs (that one in red is me), much to the kids delight!

We later went on to get a few groceries, and the screaming started again. Diego was getting into one of his tantrums --- and began asking, well, demanding for toys. "No, baby, you don't need that." Hmmm...wrong answer. He started to yell and scream, and cry (crocodile tears!..when and where did he learn that?!?!) . It was a good thing Andee tried to calm him down. And that was what was needed. Jollibee Krunchy Twirl Ice Cream. Haaayyy!!

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