Saturday, February 25, 2006

State of emergency? Where?

As I write this, the kids are out in the terrace (peace at last!) with their visiting dad. I know they missed him since it's been more than a month now. Well, they'd better make the most out of'll be a guessing game again when he'll ever think of visiting them.
I got my pre-dose of advance birthday greetings from my friends at the office yesterday. I find it so amusing.. answering with a straight face, the perennial "how old will you be?" question. Some of them reacted that 'out of respect' (what?!?) the question shouldn't be asked especially to the female specie! No, it's alright, I'll answer that question. ahemm... "38. I'll be turning 38 next week". (ummm, that came out quite well, come to think of it.) One of reasons perhaps why I 'liked' saying how old I am, was the bewildered (?), amazed(?), unbelieving (?), open-mouthed, wide-eyed reactions of the people who asked. To which, the next lines are more valuable than any gift...
"WHAT ?!?!?! 38?!?!? oh come on!?"
"Seriously, how old are you??"
"I thought we've the same age! " (early 30's)
What's nice with hanging around people younger than you, makes you 'fit in' or 'blend in' well enough to, well, 'look' their age. Looking 6-8 years younger is more than fine with me. LOL. At least I didn't get to lie. :-)
When I left the office yesterday morning at around 8am, there were already rumors that GMA declared the country under a state of emergency apparently because of a coup attempt. Some would say that this is 'staged'. A prelude to martial law, etc. I was only aware of the fact that Ayala Avenue would be filled with the usual rallies and crowds commemorating Ninoy Aquino's Death Anniversary (for me, a sort of front for other 'issues'. Did you notice the banners asking GMA to step down?)

I took the MRT going to Cubao, passed by the Edsa Shrine and just noticed a small group. My friend, Grace, texted me (we have a Zaturnnah Muzikal date later this evening) and begged-off because her dad, (she's 37!!!!!) didn't want her to go out. Oh well. Anyway, when I got home (9am), I found out that all classes were suspended (Andee's school was just around the corner... 1 minute walk!!) and that a 'bigger' crowd was now gathered at the Edsa Shrine. All local tv stations are now reporting live at either the Edsa Shrine, Camp Aguinaldo, or MalacaƱang. I just had to turn off the tv. Not that I don't give a damn with what's happening... for me it's just a waste of time.

Why can't they just sit down and cooperate? Kainis! They do that to anyone they put there as president. They do a run-downed, second-hand People Power number one million.. remove the president..replace him. They then just wait for a few months, depending if they would be able to mold the replacement with what they 'want' to happen... then go to the streets again and try to replace the replacement with either the first one they had removed, or another political or military figure we never heard of as a their new 'puppet'.

Oh well.. my opinion. As much as I am concerned, I admire GMA.

What others care to see are the mistakes and corruption and wrong decisions made. They dwell on it and react, as if they themselves have no skeletons in their own closets! I try to see good things. I see how even the smallest things improve. Traffic. Garbage. etc.etc.

Aren't we taught in school or even at work, where we should start within ourselves and our own group or department? Those people who complain and get on the streets, in my opinion, wanted improvement in a snap of the finger.. or wanted to see the Philippines as a whole 'improve' in less than two years time. Tall order huh?.. compared to doing or attending Evaluation and Planning seminars at the start of the year for your club or company. We set goals to improve our department (of less than 50 members). Goals set to meet in one year...some will be met, some not. We were made to evaluate ourselves with what happened, why the goals weren't reached. We learn from them and improve. We don't blame the president of the company why our department didn't do well. Again, one of my beyond the point opinions...

Getting back.

That afternoon, only ABS-CBN was still in that whole day media mood of covering the 'festivities'. Wonder how their ratings are. Other tv stations got back to their usual program schedules and just do an occassional flash news update. Around this time, the crowd at Ayala Avenue is swelling up. This is giving me a headache.I haven't taken a wink yet since I arrived.. and besides, I have other 'issues' in mind....


The Zaturnnah hullaballoo the past weeks sent out a rampaging search for available tickets. Though 2 more shows were added, there were no more tickets to be found. My friends were frantically searching and asking where they could purchase tickets. That's why when 2 available tickets came up the other day, I asked my friend, Grace, to watch..much to her excitement. Well, unfortunately, she now can't. And because of this state of emergency thing.... I was on this state of emergency myself looking for someone available in a short time's notice. They would either be uneasy to go out because of the present situation, or have previous engagements, or have work. Finally.... at around 5pm (been searching the whole day!)

I found someone. A long-time friend from Splash Island days, Malou, was about to go home from work, said 'maybe'. LOL That 'maybe' turned into a 'yes' and off we went. Just in time for the 8pm show. It was a typical Friday night at the Roxas Blvd. Baywalk Area.

State of emergency?!? Where?!? And I thought people are in panic?
Nah.... maybe it's media panic.

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