Thursday, February 23, 2006

Hand it over

If you're a graduate of the Behavioral Sciences like me, then you'd understand why and how reflective I am with regard to understanding what makes people tick, me included. Body language, behavioral patterns, the way they talk, etc., etc. I had been a member of the Tickle network for years because of those personality tests that most often than not, tell you 'who' you are (yeah..after some thinking, I had to admit to some).

Back in college in our Psychological Testing, and Abnormal Psychology classes, we submit ourselves to various personality tests and try to interpret one another's results. None of this tests ever came close to what I've read recently... my handwriting analysis from my friend, Lynne. Mind you, I've known Lynne for like, a month or so (from work), and all I got to say was... wow, talaga? Ako yan.

Cat curious? This is me.


doris said...

Sorry to be so off topic expecially when there is a curious cat staring out at me! Anyway, the BBC news site says that a state of emergency has been declared in the Phillipines. I hope you are OK and that everything stays reasonably calm. Best wishes!

Reia said...

Hello Doris! Thanks for your concern :-) It's actually very peaceful in most places. What happened yesterday just brought the nation into 'panic' of some sort. Most reactions I hear now are people blaming everything on the media. It's like, they (media) should not give a hoot about what these rallyists wanted to voice out to the public. The rallyists wanted to be heard. Don't mind them and they will stop.. LOL much like little children. Anyway, thanks again :-)
p.s. don't mind that curious cat! hahaha..