Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Gumamela fever

I had a grand time looking for a nice gumamela plant (hibiscus) at the Manila Seedling Bank for my mom's birthday (I've got to thank someone for.. ahem, letting me in, in this botanical paradise...yoohooo!...).

The flowers are amazing! I was here about two weeks ago with a friend, gawking at a bright yellow Philippine hibiscus. Sayang! I should've bought it that time because it ran out! (I remember my mom's reaction when she saw a yellow gumamela plant in our local marketplace.)

Anyway, my choices were trimmed down to three as you can see.

The first one is an Australian variety-- looks more like a satellite dish if you ask me :-). The second and third ones are the local varieties.. the second has a nice fuschia color, while the third is actually in an orange shade. (hmmm... I think I need a new camera phone?!) :-)

And the fortunate hibiscus winner is..... #2!!! Nice! I'll be back!


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