Friday, August 05, 2005

My Art and Cafepress

I opened a new basic shop at Cafepress for my artwork. I've got lots of it (my art) stashed away at home. Some as early as when I was just 8 years old (kudos to my mom for keeping it!). The hard part is getting it scanned since the size of the art work has bigger dimensions than that of the scanner we have at home.

I initially uploaded two artworks.

One, Woman's Face, rendered in Charcoal pencil (from a picture in an old magazine) , and the other,

"Nude Duet" in Oil Pastel (based from a picture from one of our sessions then with K.A.T.A.G. or Kabataang Tundo Art Group, headed by our mentor, Philippine Artist Fernando Sena).

These were done during my college days (Maryknoll College Artists' Circle) and were put on exhibit at the City Gallery in Rizal Park, Manila (1986). See it on items here at Cafepress.

I am trying to see if I could upgrade the shop to premium. I already have my hands full with JustCats and perhaps two more stores won't hurt? (gulp!)

I've also uploaded three more pressed flower art to complete the collection for My Backyard Gallery. It does really look great as a whole don't you think? I really love how it looks in those throwpillows! Pity the shipping costs are too much!
See more at My Backyard Gallery!

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