Monday, August 08, 2005

Photographs and Memories

In search for my little box of 'horrors', hahaha, well, horrors, because that little box has ALL my ID's from my previous employment, clubs, and what-have-you. Boy, you could imagine how looks can drastically change!

Anyway, I found 3 old photo albums. 1 from highschool, and 2 from college up to around 5 years of employment bliss. Aside from this, I also found STACKS of photos from the 6th year of employment bliss up to the present..well, actually around 10 years of photos (since the remaining 2 years to present are now digitally stored) I saw faces of good friends that I wonder how they are now. I saw how my hairstyle range from bob, to bangs, to layered, to long and straight, to long and curly, to super duper short, etc. Then I finally saw
it... (or didn't see it)...and I can't believe why I don't have any picture. For all those years that they've kept me company. For all those years that they've kept me busy. For all those years that they've been an inspiration. I don't have pictures of my cats!!!!!! Yes, my cats!!! The time when, at the peak of my 18-cat-motherhood life.... I don't have even one unfocused, faded photo of my 18 cats. The only photos I have were during the first few ones, and now, with Tygra (what's left of them) Geezzz...!!

From the top: Cotton (tortie), Tygra (silver tabby), Pitikay (black short), me (at 23 (sigh) and Dagul (seal-point siamese), and me again (at 5 months pregnant with Andee), with struggling Lucky (persian tabby)

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