Wednesday, August 10, 2005

A Turtle Named Tanya

I remember very well..It was in August last year, when Andee represented Miriam College Child Study Center in the 1st Golden Crayon Awards held at the World Trade Center in Pasay City, during the National Book Fair. Phoenix Educational Systems, Inc, Robins Branch (distributors of World Book Encyclopedia) spearheaded this Draw-A-Book contest, a parent and child activity, with the theme "Spending Quality Time with a Parent".

The contest actually started end of June, where parent and child must finish 80% of the book at home, and the remaining 20% will be finished by the child in school, in front of the judges and Phoenix representatives.

Honestly, I was more pressured and stressed out. Maybe because I wanted Andee to experience friendly competition, well, more over, win. Or maybe because of my known reputation in college (Maryknoll '89) as VP in its Artists' Circle and such.. that some of the teachers in Child Study were my batchmates. Expectations, expectations. Ha! really, what a mother thinks!

I watched Andee do the final oil pastel touches using my own more-than-17-years-Sakura Oil Pastels-- or what's left of it! I'd say... the quality of the pastels are really, really good after all these years! We received word after a few days that her entry "Tiny Turtle Tanya" was chosen to represent Miriam College Child Study Center.

There were 15 schools represented during that time. Each of the 15 representatives were initially awarded a Golden Crayon Award medal for winning in their respective schools. We were pleasantly surprised to find out that Andee was the youngest of the 15 (she, being in kindergarten, while the others were between grades 1-3)

There were 3 more prizes at stake: Koko's Choice Awards (3 winners) - Koko, being Philippine Star's kiddie magazine; Artist's Choice Award (3 winners); and Working Mom's Award (3 winners) - for Working Mom's magazine.

Andee's entry, "Tiny Turtle Tanya" won 2, namely: 1) Koko's Choice Award, which her work was featured in Koko's kiddie magazine in Philippine Star; and 2) Artist's Choice Award, where she got a glass trophy and free Art Lessons.

Wow! I would never ever trade that moment to see how Andee gets up on stage-- 3 times! Her face beaming, wide smile, sweet happy face! Good experience for the both of us, and times together well-spent! This made me see how a little girl gets and shares ideas, be creative and have talent that I never thought I'd see this early. Ha!!! Like mother, like daughter!

Hmmm... now if she could just learn how to sing....

Andee at 5 years old. 1st Golden Crayon Awards, World Trade Center in Pasay City, during the National Book Fair. August 2005


Uncover Japan said...

Nice drawing...

Reia said...

wow, thanks soo much. i am glad there are people who also appreciate it ! thanks!

Natalia said...

She is so cute! And the drawing IS lovely too.