Saturday, May 27, 2006

Ten Simple Pleasures

I was tagged by Ganns!

Instructions: Name ten of life’s simple pleasures that you like the most, then pick ten people to do the same. Try to be original and creative and not to use things that someone else has already used

1. taking camera phone shots of Andee and Diego
2. the P10.00 cup of Nescafe coffee with sugar and cream from the vendo machine
3. sitting at the terrace with a best buddy
4. being kissed by the sun
5. observing Tygra as he sleeps in the garden
6. flower and plant window shopping at the Manila Seedling bank
7. sitting down with Cak and Zsazsa Zaturnnah updates
8. tank top and fitted jeans
9. reading other blogs
10. laughing with friends about decade-old, corny jokes (especially THE elephant and giraffe jokes)!!

Roll-call! You're next.... Cak, Earl, Angge, Jheck, Doris, Alec, Vicky, Homer-Jay, Marge, and Gel!

Interestingly, while speaking of elephant and giraffe jokes, my mom and I were reliving the series of jokes these two animals were known of (well, during my time...).

It would start with the decades-old, corny question of "How do you put an elephant inside the refrigerator?" Answer: Open the refrigerator door, put the elephant inside, then close the refrigerator door!. Ummm, okay.

Next question, "how do you put the giraffe inside the refrigerator?" Answer: You open the refrigerator door, take out the elephant, put the giraffe in, then close the door!

Then there was this joke about Tarzan calling a general assembly in the jungle and while doing an attendance call he found out that there was one animal missing. What animal was it? Answer: Well, it was the giraffe because he wasn't able to come out of the refrigerator yet!

LOL And the sequence went on and on and on and on...with us adding more to the story..(how many elephants could fit inside a Volkswagon? etc..etc..) My daughter Andee was eavesdropping during our talk. When it came to the question on how we put the giraffe inside the refrigerator, she blurted out..."eh di..putulin ang ulo!" (well, then, cut its head off!!!) LOL enough said! :-)

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