Sunday, May 28, 2006

Yu samamabits maderpaker shet!!!

Decided finally to share this. Most of you know that I've been posting some designs I've sold on Cafepress from any of my stores..JustCats, My Backyard Gallery, or KHB.

ZsaZsa Zaturnnah does have a few pages on my JustCats store for those who were able to find it, as I was still deliberating with myself whether to set-up a separate one for her/him. To get permission from Cak to use some of his designs was through gunpoint... LOL kidding! No, it was easy :-) as this was specifically for those living abroad who had read and loved ZsaZsa Zaturnnah. This ever-famous quote is a top-seller!

It is expensive as it is listed in dollars, especially when you add shipping. That's why I haven't the slightest idea on how thick the material is, or how nice the print is. (still saving up?!) But at any rate, do enjoy these as I do and as others had, too! Oh yeh, you do would need plastic to order, but hey, no worries... a big surprise is coming up for all local Zaturnnah fans! Promise!!!


Jigs said...

Really cool blog! Can I link you up? Please feel free to visit mine. thanks!

zee said...

oh my! gusto ko nung "Yu Samamabits Maderpaker Shet!" teeshirt! where can i get this?

zee said...

can we repost this on another site? i'll need your aproval first. :)

will be waiting.


Reia said...

hi jigs... no prob! link on!!! :-) thanks for visiting too!

hey zee! these shirts are on my cafepress shop. just click on the picture or click on the 'zsazsa zaturnnah' link there. medyo expensive nga dahil dollars e... just sharing..but if you like, pwede na rin hehe.
as for posting this, i emailed you na :-)

charmaine said...

hya!!!!! i love the shirts!!! bwahahahaha
i'm planning to order na but your big surprise - is this because it will be available locally??

samamabits!!! sana nga! hehehe

Ganns said...

Love the panty, Reia. ;) You've inspired me to start my own CafePress place. Galing.

Jheck David said...

hello reia! nakatsikahan ko si vince sa workshop namin! natsika na mark meiley had to quit with the movie proj and that even carlo was hands up on it. kung san-san na napupunta ang kwento. hayyy... wish ko lang maging maganda ung film.

anyway, i might see the play on the 18th for the third time! hehehe... i'll be with my fellow gma workshoppers. e-mail mo sa kin number mo so that i could contact you. ha?


brax said...

heyyyyyyyyyyyyy sikat na talaga yung ale ha....kaso di na raw ruffa ang zzz?...zsazsa na? hahhahahahaha showbiz na showbiz no?........magpakita ka naman...miss ka na po.

Reia said...

hi Charmaine.... hmmmmmm.... surprise pa rin :-) all means, yes please do! so far i've only met 2 other Filipinos who were really serious into Cafepress.
Jheck... I watched on the 17th. Sayang, Cak mentioned you were there nga.
Brax.... ikaw magpakita ano?!?! were you able to watch the play na ba?