Monday, May 01, 2006

Zaturnnah..the 4th time around

4 times! (hey! love your own!!!! LOL hi bro!). The whole family was there during the last show, including 7-year old Andee (and the ticket says.. children below 7 years old not allowed), my lolo, lola, uncles and aunts, and their friends. This is the last show of the Zaturnnah muzikal 2nd run...(can't get enough of it!) and as usual, I laughed, sang along, and enjoyed. We were seated in the 4th row up front. The audience was a blast!!!

I noticed that the audience are more 'mature' now....(aside from the 2 7-year old Zaturnnah fans who watched, Andee being one of them). My lola was surprised to see her friends watching. There was this lady at the end of our row, around her 60's, who was browsing thru the comic book while the play was going on. Cool :-) Nakakataba na puso, you see. I really feel so proud of Cak, that seeing the crowd that night gave me goosebumps and almost led me to tears! All out support ito! It was also neat to meet Zaturnnah fans in person, most esp. Penny and Zee. (Jheck...where were you?!? hehe) Oh wow... wala bang Zaturnnah Fans Day?

There will be a 3rd run on June 16-18 (5 shows) as Zsazsa Zaturnnah: Ze Muzikal leaps back to its homebase--CCP's Tanghalang Huseng Batute as part of the International Theater Festival to be hosted this year by the Philippines. The festival will stage productions from the Asia-Pacific and ASEAN regions. See you there......... again :-)


zee said...

i agree, we should have a Zaturnnah fans Day!

ZsaZsa has her own site already, join ka Ms. Reia!

para sa mga Zaturnnah adeeek! :)


Jheck David said...

ei, reia! hinanap mo ba ako? hehehe... sensya na, di na ko nakapunta. i had a morning appointment kasi the next day. actually, gusto ko pa nga manood uli. pero di na pwede! addiction na ito! anyway, pag me fans days, go aketch! hehehe... :-)

extend my congratulations to carl!

Reia said...

hi zee, hi jheck!
yeh, i was able to see the multiply site already! ang bilis nga ni penny e..hehe! we're planning to have a main site too for ZZZ (inaayos pa web hosting, domain name, ek-ek, etc... actually should've been ages ago pa), complete with forums, gallery, fun stuff, the works! kudos to penny for starting the site!
jheck...hmmm, see you 3rd run?!? hehe

zee said...

si Penny pa! hahaha!
oh, can't wait for that site!

brax said...

I guess sa third run baka pwede na akong manuod....hahahahahahahah dami kasing sagabal e.....brax

Reia said...

brax, promise yan ha!!!! tampo na ako :-(