Saturday, April 29, 2006

She walked out on Zaturnnah

You read that right. I was with my officemates watching the ZsaZsa Zaturnnah matinee this afternoon when we noticed this mestiza sitting up front with an extremely handsome mestizo. It was in Act 2 when Dodong was already professing his 'love' to Ada. She looked bored, while her partner seemingly enjoyed the show. All of the sudden, she stood up and left! What the F?!?!!?!? Geeeez!!!!! Talk about looking educated but no breeding at all! Standing up and leaving in the middle of a play!!! Bad.

Hmmm...maybe she didn't like the stage..... LOL

Photo: view of the stage from the balcony.


zee said...

that's rude!

Hmmm...maybe she didn't like the stage.....LOL

baka nga she didn't like the stage! hahahaha! or she got jealous. type nya siguro si Dodong... or si Ada?! :))

hey, Ms. Reia, it was nice meeting you! hope to catch you on the 3rd run! :)



Reia said...

halu zee! yes, it was rude. my officemates noticed it too. grabe.
So nice to have met you too! And of course I'll be watching the on the 3rd run!!!! :-) take care!