Friday, March 13, 2009

Diego's Crossing-Over ceremony

It was goodbye to KOF (Kids On Focus) as we attended Diego's Crossing-Over ceremony at the Water Nymph Resort in Marikina. 'Most Improved Student' was the citation he received this year. Haay.... and I remembered again when he took his 1st Grade entrance exams at the San Benildo Integrated School (Marcos Hi-way, Antipolo) on how a nervous wreck I was that time knowing how seemingly 'lazy' and reklamador he is with studying!Anyway, this year he has an itsy bitsy role as an emcee together with this classmate, Fonzo. A lot a coaching from his Ti'Angge paid off as we were (finally) able to understand what he was saying. He and his classmates presented "A Whole New World", and it was something he reminded me to watch because he is partnered with his crush, Pams.

 Last year, Pams was in another class and has been calling Diego's attention eversince. Ayaw lang nitong isa at iba daw and crush niya. This year since classmates na sila, nag-iba ang ihip ng hangin. He likes her na rin daw. He'd make kwento na magka-holding hands sila during their practice for their presentation, etc. What is extremely funny is this picture I hurriedly took while the kids are getting ready on stage for their group song when I spotted Diego's reaction when Pams gave him a hug! Hehehe!

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