Sunday, April 26, 2009

Received an anonymous text message a few days ago, and it read:

"Pued po b akong humingi ng 2long sa inyo? I'm marie, 21yo freshgrad po from Bacolod City. Ggawin ko po ang lahat ngkpalit na gusto nio, ma2lungan nyo lng po akong mkpunta sa mynila. My job hiring na po kc sna ako jan sa san mig- ortigas, syang po kc kung madissolve lng... Im willing to take the risks ng kpalit na hhngin nio. Un nlng tlga pgasa ko na mkluwas kgd pra mhbol deadline ko po. My pic and supporting docs po ako sa"

Since I was using Globe (office phone kasi) I've been getting spam (Chinatrust loans, discount offers, etc) and scammers ("hon... naubusan ako ng load, dito mo padala sa number na ito..), I just let this one go. However, I received another message this afternoon..:

"Name: Marie Velasco
Age: 21
Birthdate: Feb. 15, 1987
Height: 5'7"
Complexion: Fair
Vital Stats: 35-25-36
Hair: Long and Straight
Other: Joined some provincial pageants for allowance.
Course: BS Information Management (Computer & Accountancy)
School: DOST Scholar in University of St. La Salle - Bacolod
Parents: Anna & Mario Velasco (both deceased)

Wha the F?! Pati ba naman vital stats? Ang kulit nito ah. Texted back.."Why are you texting me?". Her answer:

"Ahm..Marie Velasco po name ko, 21 yo, from Mandalagan, Bacolod City. Graduate po ng BS Information Management (DOST Scholarship). Living alone sa isang boarding haus po d2 sa Purok Sambag. 5'7" and hardworking province girl po. May pic po ako sa Nagtetext lng po ako ng random numbers starting with 09178 and really hoping na may makita lng ako kht maliit na 2long para makaluwas ng mynila. Wala po akong idea kung babae po o lalaki tinitext ko...But im really willing to give any favorable exchange in your part para sa tulong na makapunta sa mynila... Un lng po sana.. - marie"

I was in the middle of a luncheon celebration in Antipolo with mama when I got this message. I answered back to her. If I'm not mistaken, there are call centers now in Bacolod (?) sayang lang kung pupunta siya dito and sa San Mig ang work niya. Told her I admire her courage and determination BUT what she is doing is very dangerous, and wished her luck. Got her response when we got home--

"Hindi naman po ako mapapahamak, my 22luyan naman po ako pansamantala sa novaliches, sa 1 malaung kamag anak. Tapos my trbho na rn naman po akong papasukan..Sana bigyan nio po ako ng chance na magkaroon ng career.. Naghhnayang lng ako sa lumilipas na araw na dapat, sumisweldo nko at nagtratrbho.."

And another one at around 4pm...

"Gud day po, si marie po to, ung humihingi ng 2long makapunta ng maynila.. M22lungan nio po b ako? Gagawin ko po ung kapalit na hhngin nio, para lang makapunta npo ako ng mynila..Parang awa nio na po.."

This girl is desperate. If only I had the means to help her out. I just hope na may makita nga siyang tutulong with all sincerity and not take advantage of her...


Anonymous said...

i likewise received a similar request, and take note, word for word- she sounds real desperate that i gave her the name and workplace of an engineer friend out there in nearby bago city- she mentioned her stats that it immediately crosses my mind that she is after those monied guys who are looking forward of doing it with her- a not so intelligent approach but quite amusing. . .

Anonymous said...

it's a scam. got my first message from her over 2 years ago. i tried reasoning out how she could look for another job in Bacolod, since she was a "DOST scholar", and all i got was a barrage of texts. first, they were just blank messages, then the insults came, as well as other nonsensical crap. on an average, i got 50 spam messages from her (if she even does exist) DAILY.

i did some research, and apparently, this "Marie" has been at it for years now, using different numbers. tracking whoever this girl (or guy) really is is next to impossible, since she (or he) uses prepaid numbers.

the assault stopped after 6 months, but it looks like our little "angel from Bacolod" is working the textlines anew. i've been receiving messages from her since the other week, again.

it's pure BS, i tell ya. consider yourself warned.

Reia said...

Hi. thanks for the comment and warning. i thought it was weird when she included vital stats in her messages. based on her 'webpage', orphan daw siya but then again she boards, and can afford going to (?!) internet cafes and setting up the webpage cum resume. Then she'd text that she will be staying with relatives somewhere in Novaliches. Never answered her text after the 3rd one though. Then after about just 3 days she stopped.
How were you able to find this post?

Anonymous said...

Really, at first naaawa ako.and i texted her na its dangerous.weird nga talaga. willing to give hersef? huh! tama, she is trying to get a guy who is willing to do it with her. It's not enough reason na gawin nya yun for final interview sa manila,and take note san miguel, better to research for if kun di siya pumasa? sayang lang. if this is true talaga,with vital stats.?? dmi nya naman friends pwede mahiraman base lang sa group pictures nya db? come to think of it....these are all scam..don't believe it.

Anonymous said...

I have also been receiving these kind of messages from this "girl" I think this is hoax. Because when I checked out her site, the name featured there was a certain ANNA MARIE SANTILLAN, while the texter claims she is ANNA MARIE VELASCO. Not to mentin that she insist that "shes willing to give anything" in exchange of the fare to Manila...