Monday, January 26, 2009

Team Bonding with Zaturnnah

Come Feb. 8th Sunday at 3pm, almost half the team will be watch the 6th run of ze muzical! Tickets (20 seats!) were quite hard to get for other dates, and I really appreciated that Coach Dee and QD's Cathy and BJ are joining the group.

Great seats (4th and 5th row from the front), nice matinee show (pwede pang gumimmick after!) and wonderful friends will equal to never-ending laughters and LLS!! (Last Song Syndromes) Now who can beat that!

This will be the nth time I will be watching the show (hmm...bakit nga kaya anoh?!). Feb. 8 is also the date when the whole family will watch ... Mama, brothers Ron and (of course, obviously) Cak, my 2 sisters-in-law Marlene and Carol, the kids ...yes, Andee (will be her 3rd time) and Diego (I'm bracing for that!) and the yayas.

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