Monday, June 15, 2009

New Look

Finally. It's about time.
It literally took me almost 15 hours non-stop (well, except for eating and trips to the little girl's bathroom) to go through a blog overhaul! Salamat kay Photoshop and a little help from Cak. He was able to help out in tweaking my then new header but in the end, I had to start from scratch again. Used Blogger template SCRIBE this time.
The original one I used since I started in 2005 is Blogger template DOTS. Naku, very eighties pa because of the cat wallpaper I used that time! Was not able to get a good screenshot of the old one, though. So I changed it-- from the main logo header, to the side headers, to the look of the main page -- I give myself a pat on the back, hehe. Next step right now is to make sure all blog links are still active. Would also need to check the old template in case I might have missed someone. To be continued... :-)

1 comment:

fortuitous faery said...

congrats on the new layout! you have no idea how much i've been meaning to post comments on your old blog format!