Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

Spent Father's day just like any other ordinary Sunday family get-together.

Earl. who is back for good from Dubai, will be continuing employment here with same game developer employer, with son Hugo, Ron with his family including 2 new yaya's, and of course, kami dito-- Nanay, Andee, Diego, Cak, Ti'Angge, and Yaya Wilma and Ate Ann. Got up early to do a little market for our lunch menu with Yaya and Diego. Diego was absent from school last Friday because of fever. Yesterday the fever was gone but yet he complained of stomach pains.

Our menu was Cak's Veggie Meatballs with Nanay's Sweet & Sour sauce (pork giniling at 150php/kilo!) ; Nanay's Turbo Chicken, my Creamy Hot Tahong & Cheese recipe; and Yaya's Inihaw Adobong Chix Isaw (yummy hit!). Nanay (arrived last night from Palawan) also brought fresh Tuna Sashimi.

I was cleaning the tahong shells when I felt it. It was the same like the first 'attack' as I would call it. Cold sweat, uneasy feeling in the abdomen area, vision starting to blurr, hot flushes going up the spine, to the back of my neck, to my head, and this affected my hearing. Parang nabibingi ako. All I remember is, I sat down, closed my eyes trying not to pass out like I did the first time. I remember hearing Nanay talking to Yaya, I remember her calling Cak.

It was pretty scary. I tried to control breathing and focus on a particular name and face. That helped. But it still was scary.

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