Thursday, January 01, 2009

Hello 2009!

Again spent new year at work (3 straight years!). Schedule was moved 3 hours earlier para di daw kami abutan ng new year revelry.

Arrived home at around 8am and the family is already getting ready for a New Year Lunch reunion (again). My contributions for this get together are 2 Lechon de Leche's! (see pic). Well, they are actually bread, to the shape of the infamous suckling pig! Saw this at Farmers' Market in Cubao yesterday while I was scouting around for fireworks/luces for the kids. Pinagkakaguluhan kaya! They seemed to be more like monay bread and according to the tindera, it had bits of cheese inside. Too bad I was not able to taste it as I was on sleep mode already by lunchtime and missed it all.

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