Sunday, June 28, 2009

Diego at 7

Was still working on the computer at around 6am when Diego came in and said good morning. It's his 7th birthday today and aside from growing taller and still missing his two front teeth, he's like a young adult na when spoken to. I asked him why he's up so early. "Kasi tatawag si Papa at lalabas kami eh." *OMG... *
"Are you sure baby? Hindi naman siya tumatawag diba?"
"Dati kaya tumawag. Nood kami Transformers at tsaka may gift siya sa akin na PSP!"

It felt sad kaya... and felt really bad. His last true memory of his dad was a trip to the zoo and Star City when he was 2 years old. Now they see and bond with each other once a year.. either during Christmas or after New Year. A few months ago Yaya Wilma mentioned that his dad called and spoke with his Ate Andee. When asked if he likes to speak with his dad, he says "Ayoko sa kanya, liar siya". Broken promises of weekend bondings. Broken promises of gifts that never were.

His Ti'Angge got home from work with his cake and was he so excited. He'd insist on changing to his new Transformers shirt and eagerly wait for....---?

Everytime the phone would ring, he'd dash over and answer the phone. Naiiyak na lang ako when I see the look on his face when it wasn't who he was hoping for.

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