Friday, June 26, 2009

A Tear for Michael

There was buzzing early yesterday morning at around 4-5AM I think, when one of the agents was informed by her customer that Michael Jackson died. Not until the news was seen on CNN, one can believe that it is really THE Michael Jackson who passed away.

My very first memory of Michael was during the Jackson 5 way back in the 70's -- "Happy" and "Ben". Also, ang walang kakupas-kupas na "Give Love on Christmas Day". I wasn't really a diehard fan but I liked his music. Was he the one who sang "Someone in the Dark"? It was the theme song for the E.T.:Extra Terrestrial movie. I was gaga over that song for a while.

Watching the local news about MJ's death is surreal. Really can't believe it. Bye now, MJ.. your music stays with us. *hikbi*


fortuitous faery said...

and really, one of his songs applies to his passing..."gone too soon."

Reia said...

hay!!! i get teary-eyed again..