Sunday, January 28, 2007

Oh Dodong

Finally got to watch the Zaturnnah musical last night with Bambie and Maan at the Huseng Batute in CCP-- too bad Nanette and Gel could'nt make it.

This will be my nth time watching the muzical and I never get tired of it. There is always something new in every show-- . The are 2 a bit disappointing things though-- one of which is the numbering of the seats on the reserved section. Since it is so very hard getting tickets to the muzical, we were prepared not be seated next to each other. We've got seats # 66,71 and 72. And to my knowledge, seats # 66 and 71 will be in one row while seat#72 will be on the next row. Low and behold! Seat#66 is on the second row while seats# 71 and 72 are beside each other on the 6th row behind seats 68 and 69, and to the left of seats 34 and 35. What the---?!?!?! We were trying to decipher how TP assigned seat numbers. That's why there was always a confusion whenever people in the reserved area came in. The seat numbers were in one hell of a total mess!!!!

The second thing is Janvier Daily, alternate to Arnold Reyes' Dodong. OMG!!! The singing! I thought at first he was just nervous, but then towards the next few bars of the song 'Ikaw ang Superhero ng Buhay Ko'-- I wished he'd stop. Such a handsome specie and yummy noodles to die for!! Sayang. Instant crush ng bayan. Ok lang naman... maybe a little workshop? :-)

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