Thursday, February 01, 2007

Zaturnnah hangover pa rin

I accompanied my mom to the AIR Philippines branch in Cubao to purchase tickets for Palawan. (She will be attending their high school reunion--after 48 years!). Across Air Philippines is a 'UK' store (ukay-ukay).. a bit diferent from the others I've seen, which gave me the urge to check it out. It was air-conditioned, very spacious, no 'damp' feeling or smell of mothballs or what-have-you-aromas of second-hand, run-downed, off-seasoned, hand-me-downs, clothing overruns; very well-lit; and their salesperson is very accomodating. Hmmm, baka kasi I was able to get hold of 2 dresses, each Php155.00 minus 40%-- great deal!-- and with their tags intact! My mom followed suit and we spent the whole morning going through the racks. All in all, she got 5 blouses for just Php293.00 total.

Oh wow! When we (finally) got out of the store and out of the building, alongside were rows of other UK stores. As if we understood each other, we checked these stores out too. We were there forever, going through all the merchandise (new arrivals daw e!) until I knew I had to stop this adrenalin-ukay-shopping-fever-rush, I went over to my mom, who was checking out shoes, and sang..."Kailangan nang lisanin ko ang lugar na ito....", in which she placed the shoe back in the display rack, took my arm and sang, "..saan man mapadpad wag lamang dito...." OMG!!!!!! Hahaha, and what WAS funny was, it was only after a 'little later' did we realized that we didn't even chuckle a bit, when we went through this impromptu song number.

That 'little later' I was talking about was after lunch at the Farmer's Plaza in Cubao. We were sooo full our stomachs could burst! We spent an hour going around para bumaba ang kinain. We went back to the food court and sat for a while, waiting for 3pm since mama has a meeting to attend to. And we were just sitting there, people watching, when we noticed a food stand there selling buko. Yes, whole coconut with either just the buko and ice or with fruits. There was a couple in front of us who was sharing one. Sarap nilang kumain! I looked at mama and she was looking at them too. She then took a glimpse of me and said.. " Naiinggit.." "..ang bakla.." I replied. HAHAHAHAHA!!!! we started to laugh! OH NO! KAKAHIYA!!! We found ourselves wiping our tears coz of laughter-induced tummy aches! CIGE, PWEDE! Umaarangkada ang mga mudra!!!! HAHAHAHA!!

Babala: Ang makakaintindi lamang nito ay ang mga nilalang na masuwerteng nakapanood ng Zaturrnah!



zee said...

halu!!! too bad i missed you. saturday daw kasi kayo nanood. i saw Carlo when we watched Sunday Matinee. sayang. di nga raw magaling kumanta si "new Dodong"! pero delisyus naman daw talaga at batang bata! my gazzz! matanda pa ko! hahahaha.
uy, in fairness, nakakatawa si mommy! hahaha. ang cute!
uy, sana kita kits pa rin sa 5th run! :)

Reia said...

hay naku, zee! delicious nga talaga. can't believe he's younger than you though! hehe!
sobrang addicting talaga ang ZZZ na kahit mga officemates ko are already using the expression "bahala na si zaturnnah" instead of "bahala na si batman"
and oo nga...kita-kits of course sa 5th run!

Jheck David said...

kakatawa naman ito! graveh ah! :-)

te yang, read mo post ko about zzz. :-)