Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Oh new year!

Spent New Year at work. Had to go on 'idle' 5 minutes before 12 midnight to make sure I see the new year arrive. The lights were turned off on the floor and we marvelled at the fireworks outside the office window. Hehe...marvelled, that is, cause since we were just on the 3rd floor, most of the Makati buildings were blocking our view! 'Lunch' was a choice of Beef Teriyaki or Cordon Bleu (tama ba spelling?), and some of our team mates brought Lechon Kawali, spicy fried chicken, menudo and ensaymada! Yummy!

Was feeling quite not well already after shift. The roads and streets that early New Year morning were scattered and littered with what's left of the revelry-- and the smog! That's why hotels and motels were 101% booked! Most friends and people I know had to check in mainly because of the aftermath of the celebration and these are people whose kids or family members who are ashmatic. Took a quick shut-eye but woke up with fever, clogged sinuses and flu. Hay naku, ito ang new year ko! As I post this entry, I am on my second day absent from work.

Goodbye, attendance bonus! Kainis.

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