Thursday, January 04, 2007

Ericsson Girl

My new toy-- Sony Ericsson W810i :-)

This used to be my brother Earls' phone... "naligo" (read: salt water wisik) daw ito sa dagat so he gave it to me for Christmas. Love it!!!! And oh, he got a new one.

Bro, Kelan kaya maliligo sa dagat ang P910 mo?!?!

Erratum 01/05/07 :
Ahem, my mistake.. Earl pointed out a slight error here... it should be a P990 Sony Ericsson phone, not a P910-- hehe


Earl said...

Correction lang po... P990i and not p910. =)

Reia said...

ay..sowee... I stand corrected!

mookie said...

i got this phone for christmas! it is one cool phone. the camera and the walkman features make the phone so much better than my previous phones. oh, and it makes good phone calls also! :)

Reia said...

hi mookie, thanks for dropping by! :-) I agree! Earphones are cool too! makes sure you get the ultimate walkman sound experience! Voice calls using the earphones have very very good reception also accdg to my friends :-)