Sunday, December 23, 2007

In embers--, not in flames

I was awakened this morning at around 9:30am by chaos downstairs in the living room. Got home at 1:30am from our team's christmas party, and surprisingly (no hangover whatsoever after a trio-shared 1 and 1/2 bottle of tequila) I was able to get up with ease. When I opened my door, the living room is in smoke.. and it smelled like something burned. Anong nangyari?!?!?

It was just after they found mama's batik robe completely burnt, actually, almost nothing was left of it. The back rest of the chair is of wood and it was scarred. Mama left her robe at the back rest of the computer chair at the library the day before. She was on the phone when she smelled smoke. They traced it at the library and found her robe in 'embers' not in flames. If the robe caught fire, then, by what?!?!? Why was the robe in embers?!? Why wasn't there any smell of smoke beforehand as the library's door was open? Why then??!?! Yaya Wilma said she went in the library minutes before it happened but noticed or smelled nothing unusual.


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