Monday, December 24, 2007

Let's Imagine with Barney

Took the kids out last night, thanks to Cak, at the Araneta Center Coliseum in Cubao to watch Barney's Let's Imagine World Tour. We had early dinner at the Gateway Mall and met with Cak for the tickets. Andee enjoyed the show more, singing and dancing along. Diego says it's boring. I'd say, it's a kiddie treat if they grew up with Barney, especially for kids up to Diego's age, but this thinks it's too 'kiddie'. As for Andee, it's 'fun'. Oh well. Strolled around the Gateway Mall before going home. Buti nalang mababait at 'hindi masyadong' nagkulit na magpabili ng kung anu-ano! .. except maybe Diego whose battlecry right now is "Mama, toy!". It's two more days before Christmas guys!!! *kiss*

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fortuitous faery said...

hope your christmas celebration was merry, reia!