Sunday, October 05, 2008


Received an email from Scott, my barkada Gel's hubby, bringing good news that Gel gave birth to Theresa Elizabeth last September 21st. Actually, it's more than great news. I remember Gel and I talking between raising a family or spending quality, bonding time first with Scott before she got married and left for Michigan. Descisions, descisions. Well, it's one that's worth it-- mainly based on fate, in my opinion. Kahit ano or papano i-plano, if it's meant to, it is and it will! Guess in his case, Gel got both-- now raising a family, and now even more bonding and quality time with Scott because of the baby!

In my other friend's case, Nannette, it is a combination of perhaps 'fate' and 'life is what you make it' drama. We (sort of) envy Nannette as she, for whatever reason, seemed to ba a 'boylet magnet'! Younger men fall for her-- and I really mean younger. But unfortunately, no real relationship ever blossomed. Mainly perhaps of the age difference-- we are looking at literally half her (our) age. And Nannette may be somehow skeptical with the thought as well. But...

Finally, she has now decided to really go out again, this time with someone older. Actually still younger, but definitely older that those early 20's boylet suitors she had. Count 7 years her junior. Not bad huh? Kilig nga eh. So there you go. Beginnings for them. As for me, I think I did na rin. Almost 3 years ago. Chika! :-)

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