Thursday, March 06, 2008

Sonya's Garden

Spent my post-birthday lunch yesterday at Sonya's Garden in Tagaytay. The trip took almost two hours (South Super Highway is undergoing rehabilitation), but once you've reached and passed the Sta. Rosa exit, everything is a breeze! This is one trip where you'd leave your car windows open to feel the cool air. No pollution, no smoke belchers.

Sonya's Garden is a place where one can't just say, 'just dropping by', since it is tucked away from the main road and you'd really have to exert extra effort to get there. It was overwhelming! Perfect for quiet moments, conversations, relaxations and what-nots.. any nature-lover will go gaga with the country settings, numerous flower gardens and trails, and secluded garden nooks, coupled with the very cool fresh air Tagaytay is famous for. Here I found and was so excited in seeing a red caballero, as Manila would have it mostly in orange, or yellow, as well as multi-colored, what looked like siling-labuyo, planted near the cottages. Parang christmas lights!!

Hopeless romantics, according to their website, sees the garden as, and I quote, "a wonderful haven of romance, love blooms in Sonya’s garden like flowers of an eternal spring.... and have found it to be a popular spot to disarm, to court and to propose." I don't blame them. If you have all the time in the world, and would like to engage into simple conversations-- no frills... then this is the place!

The food is very filling! Their lunch include unlimited freshly squeezed dalandan juice, a garden salad, whose ingredients are freshly picked from their vegetable gardens; freshly baked, oven-hot wheat bread with dips, as well as their pasta with their signature sauces. And if you think that was all, you'll be surprised with their dessert of sweet-boiled kamote (yummy!) banana rolls (turon!) and very moist chocolate cake. Lunch, by the way, also took us almost 2 hours! With the kind of food they serve, you'll be talking and talking in between! How's that for conversations?

I'd certainly would like to return. Probably spend the night to relax and get away from it all.

Hmm..Kelan pa kaya?!?

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