Friday, March 14, 2008

KOF Graduation

It's Kids On Focus' graduation day today, at the Water Nymph Resort in Marikina. The event was at 4pm and we had to fetch Andee at 3pm from St. Scho before we proceeded to the venue.

As usual (and always), we were among the first who arrived. Got good front seats and waited for the event to start. Kakatuwa. Unlike the time when Andee graduated here years ago, the kids now are more talented and witty. Instead of the teachers leading the program, they had their Prep students hosting the event! After each level has shown their respective song, dance, or declamation number, the kids were awarded medals each for their own unique contribution and abilities in school. I was half-expecting Diego to get a medal for Math as he has shown extreme interest for this. Well, surprise, surprise-- he got a medal for 'Independent Worker Award' because he has shown utmost independency in all assigned tasks (ngek.. redundant ba?). He can be left alone to do what is expected of him after giving instructions the first time. Naku, kahit sa bahay ganyan..'Sinabi mo na yan sa akin ano!'..'Paulit-ulit ka naman eh'. Okay, okay!


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fortuitous faery said...

uy, congrats to your "independent worker"!

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