Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Brother Cak at The Carver's House started this meme:
Instructions: If you were a famous celebrity and you were asked to endorse three products and/or services, what would they be? With each product or service, state in one or two sentences the reason why the product and/or service has won you over. End your post with the usual tagging (up to five is I think the standard), as well as a link back to the blog you got the meme from.

Here goes...
1) Mocha Blends - not only is their Cafe Latte the best I ever had (extra whipped cream, please!), their House Blend Ice Tea and pastas are to die for! Also, a perfect place as well to relax.. as their 'star***ks' counterpart tends to be so sikip (and noisy) for comfort!

2) Nichido's Dazzling Peach Lip Shimmer - I don't usually go for really imported brands. Nichido has my vote.. lips never crack or run dry, and the color does fit my palette. Pang-morena baga!

3) Nivea Sun Oil Spray 4 - 'For a golden, long lasting tan'... true. Never did I had a more satisfying tan and my skin doesn't feel or look dry after swimming, in fact, it was soft has a mild delicate scent...not a smell of coconut oil. A true 'sun goddess' as my friends would call me, I tried a lot of SPF4s, etc. but this is the best. No regrets!

I tag you... Jheck, Fortuitous Faery , Angge, Ives and Charmaine!

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