Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Diego and Holy Week

During Holy Week, Marikina is known for its procession of 'santos' during early evenings, participated mostly of old Marikina families who have mostly decades or centuries old relics of saints, Sto. Nino's, Mama Mary's, and various images that depict the passion of Christ, in carozzas that are heavily decorated with flowers and lights (which are a sight to behold! See video at YouTube; or pictures from Slythe, MD).

Imagine a carozza depicting with the 'Last Supper' or when Jesus was taken down from the cross!). These are paraded around Sta. Elena, San Roque, and Calumpang. Incidentally, one of our neighbors annually participates in the procession because they have their own 'santo'.

I was lucky to have watched the procession around 3 times already since it started years ago. Andee was only about 3 or 4 years old then. This was the conversation, as told by my mom, after Diego watched our neighbor decorate their carozza and witnessed the parade:

DIEGO: Lola, sino pwede maging Isaiah Jesu? (where he got the name, I don't know..)
LOLA: Yung mga mababait and malalaki na na boys. Gaya ng mga tito, kuya, manong...

DIEGO: E si Tito Cak and Tito Baron and Tito Earl pwede maging Isaiah Jesu?
 LOLA: Oo naman because big boys na sila and mababait.

DIEGO: .......
DIEGO: (after a thought..) Di pwede si Tito Cak at tsaka si Tito Baron eh...
LOLA: Why, baby?
DIEGO: Eh pareho kasi silang kalbo! di naman kalbo si Isaiah Jesu eh!!! 
LOLA: (suppresing a laugh)... a ganon ba?

DIEGO: .... eh si Papa pwede?
LOLA: Oo naman kasi big na rin siya eh 

DIEGO: .........

DIEGO: eh.... di rin siya pwede eh!

Lola: Bakit?
DIEGO: kasi mataba si Papa eh! .... tutumba ang krus!!!

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