Wednesday, September 17, 2008

40 pesos vs. 20k

It would only take a McDonald's hot-fudge sundae to forget the pain of 5 injections for a dog bite.

Just when I am just 'not yet' recovering from (very) frequent trips to doctors, physical therapy, and an overwhelming emotion of being an LWOP (leave without pay), helpless, sitting duck at home, it was another rush over to the emergency room at the Medical City yesterday. Diego was apparently bitten by a neighbor's dog.

When Diego was fetched from school at lunchtime yesterday, Yaya Wilma noticed traces of blood on Diego's school trousers. When asked, Diego said 'Natusok lang,lagyan ng band-aid', which his yaya did. However, the story changed when they reached home. Diego was saying that the neighbor's dog bit him while they were walking on their way to school that morning.

In Marikina, there are free cat and dog registration and anti-rabies vaccinations done yearly per barangay and the neighbor, when asked, did have his dogs vaccinated. The thing here is, the dogs were inside the house and unfortunately somehow the smaller dog was able to stick out its head from the gate.

Still a bit whoozie from a never-ending headache, we rushed Diego over to the Medical City. The doctors pronounced the wound as a 'category 3 dog bite' (blood is present). Vaccines are VERY expensive and Diego's health card can only cover half of the initial amount needed, this is not even including the succeeding 4 other vaccinations. The initial shock of seeing a 7k per vial pricetag on a Human Rabies Immune Globulin-Berirab, among others, kinda took a back seat when Diego, after being quiet and probably trying to absorb what the doctors are about to do, said in a very calming innocent voice, "Mama, di na masakit, Ok na ako. Tara na".

Cak arrived and I almost cried. Like I said, being home, out of work and recovering, can really pose a problem especially in cases like this. Good thing also there's HMI. Diego endured the 1st 3 injections: 2 on the right arm and 1 on the left. The 4th one was directly on the wound, under the skin. This was when Diego started to 'howl' (pardon the word).. His cry was loud enough for the other people in the room to take a peek at our cubicle (I could imagine the pain as I went through skin tests when I was confine) The 5th and final injection was on his buttocks.

We had Diego rest awhile and then we went home. But not before a late lunch at McDonald's where Diego apparently forgot everything after a hot fudge sundae.

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