Friday, September 12, 2008

Missing work

I can't believe I'm saying this but I missed work. It has been almost 4 weeks.. hospitalized twice and now undergoing physical therapy to somehow ease the headaches or dizziness I am feeling. Can't go around much even when I wanted to. Kelangan may kasama..

I'm still a bit afraid of going out by myself because of this head thing. I'd like to go around just to keep my mind off from getting into a self-pity mode. See a movie or cool off while malling. But I can't. Kelangan may kasama..

But I could go ahead and update my blog and online store. Make the most out of google adsense and affiliate sites to earn extra. But I can't. Sumasakit ulo ko.

Or I could spend my time on my drawing board.. fiddling with oil pastels or whooping up another piece of botanical art.. but I can't. Lumolobo ang ulo ko.

Maybe just rest. Sleep the whole day. Watch TV, cable or DVD's. But still I can't. Nahihilo ako AND lalaki lang ang bilbil sa kakaupo.

Bottomline here is... yes I needed the rest and I miss work. I am caught between getting through and finishing therapy and completing medications first (one would last till Oct 4th) or run the risk of going to work hoping that I won't be rushed to the E.R. the 3rd time. Kainis.

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