Saturday, September 20, 2008

Small needle and Diego

Yesterday, Mama took Diego back to the Medical City for the 1st among 4 succeeding vaccines/ injections after the dogbite incident last Tuesday, as I was in turn, at Makati Med with a scheduled doctor's follow-up consultation.

Diego: (while being braced for an injection and looking terrified at the syringe and needle the doctor is holding) "AYAW KO YAN! MASAKIT! MASAKIIT! AYAW KO NG INJECTION!! AYAW KOOOOO!......ay bakit ang liit ng needle, lola?"

Comedy ka talaga, baby. After ng injection, nag hot fudge sundae nanaman sila.

One wonderful reason of maintaining a blog is recording funny moments like this with the kids, especially with 6 year old Diego. Here are random quips:

Me: "Diego!!!! Stop that! Where did you get that? Akin na yan! Dirty!" (Scolding Diego for the nth time. He has this nasty habit of putting things (anything!!) in his mouth)
Diego: "Si mama pumapangit pag nagagalit."

Diego: (Ran over to me, excited, without anything on, after taking a bath) "Mama! Mama! Tignan mo abs ko!" (strikes a pose ala muscleman)
Me: "Baby, di yan abs. Ribs yan!"

Hehehe... till next laugh.

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fortuitous faery said...

wow ha, 6-year-old pa lang nangangarap nang magka-abs! hehe.