Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Boy talk

"Mike who?!?" I asked yaya when she told me I have a phonecall. The only Mike I know is my team mate, Daddy Mike, but then again he surely does not know what my landline number is. It might be from work so I decided to take the call. It was an unfamiliar voice. "Hi Reia". I asked who he is. "It's Mike. Kamusta ka na?"

Umm, Mike who?

"It's Mike. Dr. -- (says his last name)". It was the endocrinologist who examined me at the hospital. He called to remind me of the blood tests he'd like me to go through again and to see him on a specific date. Uhhh..ok.  "Alright. You take care, bye".

 Interesting call. Normally they'd ask their secretaries to make the call, or, actually say that they are Dr. so and so. Definitely not by their first or nickname. Sobrang friends ba kami? Anyway.. niloloko tuloy ako ng nanay ko. Gwapo naman daw. Sorry, --tall, mestizo and handsome nga but not my type.

This happened I think the other day, and mama broke the tsismis to my cousin, Angge at breakfast kanina. This started what I'd call a very rare opportunity at breakfast table... boy and relationship talk. From the one/s we are dating and not dating anymore, to the types we prefer and not prefer, if it's commitment or companionship, maginoo or konting bastos.. etc. etc. Perhaps the most wild moment was when Angge asked what was the most memorable(kilig) thing that a guy has told us. The three of us shrieked. Parang mga school girls. As if automatic, I answered the question immediately. There was a pleasantly funny reaction from mama. Hehe. Tawa kami ni Angge because of the look on her face. It was Angge'sk turn to share. Kakatuwa. Sometimes without them realizing it, may nasasabi na sila na nakakataba ng puso. Sa totoo lang, that time, the emotion was so intensed I was almost in tears. (next time na lang kwento hehe). When it was mama's turn, she started with a laugh and then... "wala eh!". Nge.

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