Sunday, August 10, 2008

One Corel Morning

Started my Sunday morning at 7am by having an oatmeal and egg breakfast with mama, Andee and Diego. This is one of the very rare moments that we'd sit down together during mealtime. After breakfast, I had to get started with good 'ol Corel for teasers and certificates for an office project again. This is a repeat or a continuing project that started late 2007 to give recognition to outstanding agents who meet their stats and KPI's.

Patterned after America's Next Top Model, I was included into a team of apprentices and senior agents, headed by one of our Coaches, to start off the project. The first four months ran cycles 1 through 4, of course, changing the word 'America's' in America's Next Top Model, to the account's name. It was also the first time in years (after designs for my JustCats store, and lay-outs for a coffee-table book) that I again got face-to-face with Corel. After four Top Model cycles, it was followed by our version of Pinoy Big Brother- Celebrity Edition, which unfortunately, didn't quite had the impact we were hoping. It only lasted 'Season 1'. Those times were great because I get to spill out all my frustrations (!!), depressions (?!!?), and creative juices with Corel. It was again a getting-to-know-you stage. Insecurities started to settle in mainly because, well.. old school syndrome. Feeling ko lalabas na masyadong outdated ang layout or design..pang 80's ba. Had to spend more time online and check out subjects on graphic designs, consulting with Cak, and try to reinvent myself..etc. , etc.

Now we are again back with the Top Model Cycle 5 project and I'd say, this time.. or, this morning rather it seemed that it didn't take me forever to think of what to put in or do. It was the usual surfing for new America's Top Model pics (Cycle 10 pala na sila!) and embelishing again. Aside from blogging and dating (hehe)... good thing there's this therapeutic 'work'. Never been better!

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