Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Manaoag trip

As a special birthday wish of a friend, we went on a trip (my first!) to The Shrine of Our Lady of Manaoag in Pangasinan. The trip was a bit tiring, clocked it at 5 hours-- went to the Dagupan Bus Station straight from my shift at around 6am. The day before was Andee's enrollment and I got home with a burning fever. Thanks to good 'ol paracetamol, I was able to go to work last night and of course, make it to the bus station this morning---probably also because of the mere thought of going on this trip is enough to get me so enthusiastic and excited!
When we finally reached our destination, I was pleasantly surprised that it isn't as crowded as I imagined it to be.. well, Wednesday naman kasi eh. It was around 11am. I was expecting pilgrims and devotees spilling out of the church into the courtyards, but the church was just half full. Towards the entrance to the courtyards, were the usual vendors with images of santos, religious artifacts, rosaries of various colors, sizes and materials, and of course, tupig, puto, and what was that you call?-- patupat?! We first visited the shrine's store where similar items were being sold, as well as prayer books, pamphlets, medallions, etc., bought a few pasalubongs and had them blessed after the last morning mass. After this, we lighted candles for our petitions at the Candle Gallery and stayed a while, observing visitors from all walks of life.. yes, even tourists! It has been quite a long time since I had a 'good talk' or even reflected on what my goals or wishes are in life for my family, kids, friends, special people, or myself.. kakaiba. (I should be doing this more often.) Had lunch in one of those roadside eateries.. and ang pinakamasarap was an ice-cold glass of coke!!!! GRABE! with the heat and all!--heaven!

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