Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Back home

It has been a gruelling 3 weeks for me right now. Spent 3 days confined at the Medical City in Ortigas and 5 days rest period at home, after which on the very 1st day back at work, I was rushed to Makati Med's emergency room for dizziness and (again) very low blood pressure 80/50. It was actually better than at the Medical City's emergency room where my blood pressure went down 80/40.

My problems with attendance started in July where aside from fever, body pain and sore throat, I was constantly bothered by hot flushes. Tanda na kasi eh. Pre-menopausal na daw. I was given medicine for that by my OB which took care of those flushes and headaches, or so I think it did. At Medical City, I was diagnosed to be very dehydrated and have 'community-acquired low risk pneumonia' (?!?!). Lack of water intake has been a perennial problem for me as drinking a full glass of water leaves me very bloated and an uncomfortable feeling in the stomach. I got accustomed to drinking mostly juice at work (I've slowed down with coffee na eh) so drinking 8-10 glasses a day is always mission impossible for me. Anyway, was given antibiotics but still nothing about why I get these headaches, whoosie feeling, and shortness of breath.

On my 1st day back to work, after placing my things in the locker, I needed to go to the clinic because headaches were starting again. This time I almost fainted. After the company nurse took my BP which again was 80/50, my hands began to curl involuntarily. WTF?!!? There were tingling sensations and parang nangangalay ang hands and feet. I was told it has something to do with the (excess of) oxygen I was taking in or something like that. I was rushed over to Makati Med.

It was a dizzying chaos at the emergency room as blood tests were taken twice for whatever reason and my head was like throbbing as if a balloon was being inflated inside. Blood pressure was still low that time. I was given 2 very painful intravenous pain killers and then an IV. I am very grateful and really appreciate our company nurse (thanks, Nurse Candy!) for staying on with me until my brother Cak arrived. It was very uncomfortable lying there without any support for my head and my feet elevated. It was just around 8pm and no rooms were available until about 4pm the next day.

Spent 5 days confined at Makati Med where my arm has turned black and blue for a total of 6 blood tests. Underwent 3 x-ray procedures, urine exams, ECGs and almost an electroneuro something. Reason for headaches turned out to be muscle spasms/tensions and Cervical Spondylosis Disc Disease, the wear and tear of the vertebrae and discs in the neck region which in turn 'traps' the nerves and causes numbness and headaches. Naiipit na ang nerves kaya nagkaka-headaches na ko. Not only that, but because of the numerous tests made, it was also found out that I have urinary track infection (hmmm..di ko ata naramdaman yun) , hypothyroidism , and hyperventilation syndrome (panic/ anxiety attacks).

I am taking tons of medicines under a strick time schedule specially the one for the nerves. It has to be taken before bedtime because it induces sleep and dizziness, and would need at least 8 hours or sleep (something I never had the luxury of since I work graveyard). I will be starting with physical therapy today in order to ease the rubbing together of the discs. I am still getting those headaches, and numbness which make me time out to relax, stay put, breathe until the discomfort fades away...only to come back shortly, and the whole cycle repeats.

Well, life begins at 40 daw o.

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