Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Letter Swap

Part of Diego's lesson at school is the introduction of community helpers or personalities and what they do to help the community, like policemen, street sweepers, bakers, etc. They went on a mini-field trip at a nearby bakery wherein each student was requested to bring 30.00php. Diego had fun 'buying' bread and drinks of his choice.

There ws also a lesson on letter sending when they were introduced to the work of a mailman. We parents were asked to compose a short letter to our kids to give them an idea of how letter sending and recieving is done. When Diego got home that day, he was pretty much excited to say that he received a letter from 'mama'. Two days after the letter sending thingi, Diego surprised me with a handwritten letter as well. Unfortunately, I am unable to post a picture of the letter, but it read this way:


"Wow, baby, ikaw nag-isip nito? You wrote this?"
Diego: "Si teach.... opo!"


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