Sunday, July 06, 2008

Shiela Marie

Shiela Marie. A stray. This is the name Andee gave her afer she asked permission if she can keep it and give a name. What's particularly odd here is, she is pretty tamed and it's as if she has been part of the household for the longest time. She reminds me of my other cat, Sergio... half persian, half asian short. The only difference is, Sergio had green eyes, while Shiela has blue. Di mapakali si Andee. Every now and then, every second, she would take a peek at Shiela, leaving her homework aside. She would sit at the gallenera in the terrace and Shiela would lay on her lap, and boy, does she PURR!

When Andee went out with Tiannge to buy at the corner store, Shiela followed them, till they reach the first corner, and wait for them to return and escort them back home. Parang may isip. Parang tao. Never really experienced a cat like this after 2 dozen other ones before. She is just too tamed. Too soon.

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